Local Apartment Tenants Evicted With No Explanation

Local Apartment Tenants Evicted With No Explanation

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "We got an eviction notice on our door at 11:00 last night and it doesn't even have a reason as to why and i'm just in shock because nobody can get out in three days," said Shambernyka Montgomery.

That's one of many tenants of a Midland apartment complex that are being evicted. They tell NewsWest 9 they paid their rent. Now they're wanting answers on why they're being told to get out. It's at the Garden Village apartments where almost half of the tenants have been given eviction notices and nowhere on the notice does it say why they are being evicted.

"They never told it was because we were too loud. They never said it because we didn't pay rent. On the paper it doesn't state not one reason of why we're being evicted. When i called her this morning to ask her why are there eviction notices on the door, what are we getting evicted for, she stated that she was not going to talk to us," said Dreamika Merchant, another resident of the Garden Village apartments.

Five tenants have been given only three days to move out. Their questions as to why have been left unanswered.

"There's no reasoning. No one wants to talk. No one knows anything. They said that we have a new landlord that starts next month, he knows nothing. We called the lawyers, they know nothing. Everybody is saying they don't know anything but then here's an eviction notice," said Ecole Hutton, another resident of the apartment complex.

Under Texas state law if a person evicted they have three days to move out but that's only if they haven't paid their rent. These tenants tell NewsWest 9, they've always been on time with their payments.

"And I don't know what's going on. I've been asking for answers. I've been reaching out to everyone that I need to be," said Montgomery.

The law says if a resident has another reason on why they're being evicted they get 30 days to move out. In the end the families at Garden Village apartments say, whether its three days or thirty days, they just want to know why.

"And not only you receive the eviction notice but it wasn't done properly. You just place it on the door. There was nobody that really addressed the situation," said Hutton.

"And then us getting a three day eviction notice, we all have children and families. I don't think that's fair at all," said Montgomery.

We did reach out to management of the Garden Village apartment complex several times but they have not returned our calls.