Reeves County Water District Discussing Cutting Water Supply to Canal

Reeves County Water District Discussing Cutting Water Supply to Canal

REEVES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - For many, the canal that runs through the town of Balmorhea has a special place in their heart, but now the water department is discussing shutting off the water supply.

"I really think that it's important that we keep the water running through here," said Farrah Reyes, a longtime Balmorhea resident.

The water comes out from the pool at the state park, enters the canal and flows into the creek at the other end of town.

"As it's going now, it's going out to somebody's irrigation. But when no one wants the water out there, they shut it down," said Joy Lewis, who is a former Mayor of Balmorhea.

At a meeting held by the water district on Tuesday night, the board did say that if requested for irrigation purposes, water supply to the canal would be granted.

"They say that we can't lose the water but there should be some way we can save the water and still have it run through town," said Lewis.

"I just don't see why they would stop this," said Reyes.

It's no secret that the small town of Balmorhea depends greatly on tourists. Lewis tells NewsWest 9 that stopping the water flow through the canal would have a huge impact on that.

"It has to come through the town. It just has to or we're going to be a ghost town," said Lewis.

Many locals say they're already noticing from time to time that the water flow through the canal would come to a stop.

"I feel like this is the heart of Balmorhea. I feel like if you stop the water from flowing here, you're stopping the life that it brings," said Reyes.

"The people know that this is a town with water and they come here to see it," said Lewis.

The final decision is up to the Reeves County Water Improvement Board.

"This is what makes Balmorhea, Balmorhea. It's the identity of this town," said Reyes.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the Reeves County Water District but they have not returned our calls with a comment.