UTPB Students Discuss New Campus Carry Law

UTPB Students Discuss New Campus Carry Law

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Guns will soon be making their way onto college campuses. That's after Governor Greg Abbott signed the campus carry bill into law on Saturday. NewsWest 9 spoke to UTPB to find out how they're preparing for campus carry. We also spoke to students to find out how they feel about the new law.

Jeffery Matta, a student at UTPB said, "I feel like living in the state of Texas, we have pretty lax gun laws as it is and I feel that if you do have the right to own a firearm to protect yourself then I don't think it should be a problem on a school campus."

Amanda Tise, who's also a student at UTPB, said, "They're trained. They know how to use their weapon and it's the people who get their weapons illegally that I'm really worried about, so I feel a little safer actually with campus carry."

But other students don't agree with the new law and feel that student safety should be left to law enforcement.

UTPB students Zharina and Juan Alvarez, said, "Let's just keep guns out and stay safe. Leave it to the police to do it because if you give everyone guns then why do we have police officers here."

Eric Valenzuela, UTPB student, said, "I mean they already have guns, there's people around here to protect you anyway. I don't think it's necessary for students to have guns to carry around."

A part of the policy is allowing each university to create safe zones where guns aren't allowed on their campus. 

Teresa Sewell, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Services at UTPB, said, "I think the daycare would be an obvious safe zone, our charter school and our early college high school which will begin in the fall those will be automatic safe zones."

UTPB hopes to address students, faculty and staff on the new campus carry law this fall and the campus carry law is set to go into effect on August 1, 2016.