Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables Temporarily Closes Dog Intake

Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables Temporarily Closes Dog Intake

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "MASA has helped us significantly lower our euthanasia numbers," said the City of Midland's Animal Services Manager, Paul O'Neill. "We've had seven straight years of reduced euthanasia."

Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables is a foster-based rescue group that works with the Midland Animal Shelter to network dogs and they even find foster homes.

"Without fosters, we actually can't do what we do," explained MASA's Amanda Rosales. "There are only so many we can save and if we don't have a foster to save the dog then we have no place for it."

When pups find themselves in the care of MASA, a fundraising account is set up to help with recovery, but they still fall short of having enough money.

"We have an excellent vet who allows us to carry a balance," said Rosales. "Right now it's just very high because we've gotten in to a lot of Parvo situations."

The money donated by the public goes towards MASA's vet bill and right now, they are at a stand still.

"Until we pay the vet down, to a more manageable place, we can't take in anymore dogs from the pound, we can't take anymore dogs from the streets that need our help," explained Rosales.

If you are interested in helping, visit the Midland Animal Shelter Adoptables Facebook page, or send them an email at masarescuedogs@gmail.com.