Law Enforcement Shoots Dog During Search for Fugitive

Law Enforcement Shoots Dog During Search for Fugitive

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A U.S. Marshals Service deputy shot a dog Wednesday afternoon while searching for fugitive Austin Shey Dawson, officials said.

Dawson, 33, is wanted for probation violation as well as controlled substance possession and remains at large, according to Marshal Brent Sheets.

Odessa Police assisted in the search at 716 Snyder St. and said in a press release, "While on scene, a U.S. Marshal deputy shot at a dog after it came towards them in an aggressive manner. No arrests were made and no other force was used during the incident."

However, the owner of the pit bull claimed it showed no signs of aggression.

"My dog didn't bark at [law enforcement officials]," Anthony McDowell told NewsWest 9. "Not one time. Didn't even go charge him."

He said the pit bull, Spot, had been a beloved member of his family for years. It remained in critical condition Wednesday night, McDowell said.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident claimed the dog was shot "at least four times" and gathered in front of McDowell's home to express their anger.

"I watched it, I seen it and I couldn't believe it," said Christopher Cavanaugh. "We want to feel like everybody else, like we're protected by the police - not harassed by them."

The investigation into the incident continues, according to Odessa Police.