Local Couple Has Thousands Stolen Through Credit Union

Local Couple Has Thousands Stolen Through Credit Union

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa couple is outraged. They claim thousands of dollars was stolen from their credit union account and has yet to be reimbursed. The thief posed as the husband and walked away with their cash. They say a stranger walked in and withdrew thousands of dollars using only their name and it happened more than once.

"For the longest time I always thought anybody can come in here and withdraw your money but I never thought that would happen to me," said John Fortune.

He and his wife Ashlee Fortune, have been customers of the Southwest 66 credit union for almost 13 years. They say that's about to change.

"They told us that somebody had come in there and withdrew the money and I asked them did they ask for an ID and well me banking there for the last 12 years and anybody else who has known that they don't ask for ID's at Southwest 66," said Fortune.

They say $5,000 was given to a stranger and then just three days later it happened again. Another $3,000 was withdrawn and they didn't even know it.

"I put my money here. I thought it was safe and it's not. It's not safe in this bank," said Fortune.

Now the Fortune's are frustrated that the credit union hasn't replaced the money that was stolen. They have a filed a police report but say the credit union has been no help in the investigation.

"And then they said well we have the camera with the video feed. Then when the officers went up there to get it they don't have it anymore," said Fortune.

They were stunned when according to them the credit union said the only way to get reimbursed would be to track down the thief and get it from them.

"They want us to set up payment arrangements with whoever stole our money. They should protect our money like they promised to them, it should be the banks job to go after whoever stole from them because that's not our responsibility," said Ashlee Fortune.

We reached out to Southwest 66 credit union. The management says they could not comment because police are currently investigating. The couple has hired a lawyer and says even if they have to spend thousands of dollars, they will just to prove a point and warn others about what happened to them.