Homeowners Scammed By Arocha Design Build, Inc.

Homeowners Scammed By Arocha Design Build, Inc.

PECOS, TX (KWES) - Multiple home owners in the Permian Basin are claiming that Arocha Design Build, Inc. has taken thousands of dollars up front to start home renovation projects. But once Arocha gets the money, he never returns to finish the job.

Home owner Ernestina Guerrero claims that she had contacted Charles Arocha with Arocha Design Build, Inc. to make some renovations to her home. Guerrero said the job was going to cost $16,000 to complete and that Arocha asked for $8,000 up front. She paid the money and never heard back.

"It was April 13, he came over and we signed the contract, he sent someone over maybe two weeks later and demolished the side of our house. He came back the next day to see what the individuals had done and that was it. He never came back again," said Guerrero.

We contacted Arocha and received the response that they are, "No longer in business and that the company is in the process of filing bankruptcy due to unforeseen circumstances." We also contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out what our viewers can do if they are scammed.

Heather Massey of BBB, said, "Never give a large amount of money up front. You need to make sure that if you have several phases of the job complete, after "Phase A" a certain amount of money is due. Never pay in cash, always use a check or credit card that way if you've been wronged or they take a large amount of money from you and the job's not complete, you have a way to go back and track it."

With four others allegedly being scammed by Arocha Design Build, Guerrero wants to spread the word so that this doesn't happen to anyone ever again.

"What I want out of this is for people to be aware when they are inviting someone into their home to do any kind of remodeling, get on the Internet, research them real good and ask other people. Otherwise, you're gonna be scammed like we have been scammed," said Guerrero.