Safety Hazard at Midland Apartment Complex Has Residents Upset

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some residents of an apartment complex in Midland are upset. It's all over a safety issue that was left after the complex started renovating.

Residents of the Annex apartments say that dozens of appliances from ovens and refrigerators to microwaves and dishwashers have been sitting outside for months. Not only creating an eyesore for residents but also creating a safety hazard.

Joseph Ambrose, who has been a resident of Annex for over a year, said, "It's not tapered off, not blocked off, you've got stuff sitting on top of other stuff. I mean you've got this drawer sitting on top of the oven here that could easily just fall over. With me being a father now, I mean that just enrages me."

Another resident who wished to remain anonymous says that she has contacted the complex to get the issue resolved. Especially after seeing children playing on and around the appliances.

"I've contacted BH Management, I've contacted the front office to relay the issue to the upper management, telling then that this is not good, this is not safe, and they never returned my call, ever," said Anonymous.

NewsWest 9 also went to the Annex's front office, but employees there told us they couldn't comment and that they would have the regional manager call us. We reached out to regional and corporate ourselves, but never heard back.

"Nobody has even given us a letter saying hey, don't walk past this area, or put some signs up or something. There's nothing, there's no communication, so the amount of money I'm spending to have something like this, it's insulting," said Ambrose.

"It's an eyesore to me, but to people who have children, it's a safety hazard," said Anonymous.

If the issue isn't resolved soon residents say they may have to get state or local building inspectors involved.