Man Arrested For Impersonating Officer

Man Arrested For Impersonating Officer

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - One man is behind bars on charges of impersonating an officer.

Midland Police tell NewsWest 9, Oscar Medrano Natividad, 28, was taken into custody on Monday afternoon after introducing himself as an officer to someone and asking for a ride to his vehicle.

According to the report, a man reported back in May that he was approached by Natividad while sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Officials say Natividad identified himself as "Sgt. Garcia" and asked the man to present an identification card.

The man gave Natividad his driver's license and asked Natividad to show some type of law enforcement credentials but Natividad told the man his credentials were in his patrol truck and asked the man for a ride to the front of the complex where his truck was parked.

The man gave Natividad a ride but no patrol truck was located. The man later contacted police due to Natividad's nervous demeanor.

We're told that almost simultaneously, police received a call from a man stating that he couldn't find his truck,

Detectives were able to identify Natividad through the phone number he used to contact authorities and was also identified in a photo line-up.

Natividad is behind bars at the Midland County Detention Center.