Midland Police Investigating After Thieves Break Into Super Tacos

Midland Police Investigating After Thieves Break Into Super Tacos

By: Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Police are searching for two thieves, that's after they broke into the Super Tacos restaurant on E. Florida street. The duo got inside through an a-c unit that was pushed out, then they went on to steal a $700 generator and some cash. The break in happened around 2:30 early Monday morning. Police were able to get some good leads as to who the thieves might be thanks to the restaurants surveillance footage.

Wesley Leyva, Manager of Super Tacos, said, "We have Monitronics, and they actually called us and they were telling us we had the doors open at that time and we were like, no we're didn't."

The culprits tried stealing the restaurants surveillance T. V., but didn't have much luck, so, they took off through the back door with the cash and generator.

"They went out through the doors, and that's when it went off, so they were able to do a lot of things without us knowing or the alarm going off," said Leyva.

Leyva wants the thieves caught as soon as possible, so that this doesn't happen again to him or any nearby businesses.

"I know that there's a lot of other businesses out here too that could probably go through the same thing. We actually work pretty hard to get what we have, not for somebody else to come here and just easily take it away from us," said Leyva.

Midland Police investigating the theft, but for other businesses out there, Sergeant Jimmy Young has this advice. "Anytime you have an AC unit, just make sure it's secured, I mean bolted down, secured to the best of your ability, because you don't want the give the burglar any opportunity to break in."

If you have any information on this theft, call Midland Crime Stoppers at 694-TIPS and you could get a reward.