Big Spring Fire Department Welcomes New Arson Dog

Big Spring Fire Department Welcomes New Arson Dog

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

BIG SPRING - Like a good dog, State Farm is there--adding the third ever arson dog to the Big Spring Fire Department (BSFD). "Oh, Song is a handful. She is fun," Assistant Fire Marshal Dan Hendrickson said.

Song is an energetic black lab with a cold wet nose that can sniff out even the smallest trace of flammable liquid.

"This dog just detected these drops, that's about 9 micro-liters, that's about 9-millionth of a liter of this training scent, a flammable liquid that this dog can detect," Fire Marshal Carl Condray said. "There's not a modern piece of equipment in this environment that would be able to detect that without great difficulty."

Big Spring is one of only five cities in Texas with an arson dog. They say the best part of their program is that they're able to also able to help any of the surrounding cities.

"If another department asks for help, we give it. Anytime we've been asked for help to go into other cities, other communities, other jurisdictions, we've always been there to provide it," Hendrickson said.

Before Song, there was Alli, a 12-year-old lab ready to pass along the torch and retire with her handler--the fire marshal.

"It's going to be a change in my life as well, a change of my identity as well, but I'm excited for the fact to be able to just let Alli just relax and not have to work so hard," Condray said.

Song has become apart of Hendrickson's family for the last few months and for the next several years. She goes everywhere he goes--both work and play.

"I've never handled a dog like this before and so the hardest part was getting me trained to work with her," Hendrickson said. "She knows her job, she knows what she needs to do. Get me to know what she's wanting me to do or what she's trying to do, that's the biggest challenge."