Big Spring Coaches, Graduates Step in to Finish Home Projects Fallen Athletic Trainer Didn't Finish

Big Spring Coaches, Graduates Step in to Finish Home Projects Fallen Athletic Trainer Didn't Finish

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Coaches, players and friends of Jim Campbell are helping finish up some work he didn't get the chance to. He's the former Big Spring High School Athletic Director who passed away suddenly on Christmas Eve.

As a 'thank you' for the impact he had on the lives of so many, his jobs around the home are about to be complete.

"This is one of those things in life where people don't talk about it. They just come do it. It's all been driven by love," said Rex Rainey, Owner of Remediation & Environmental Xperts LLC, who is a close family friend to the Campbells.

It's a true gift to have a coach like Jim Campbell who went above and beyond for his players, who he called 'puddin'.

"Cause puddin's kind of weak, so whenever we'd go into the training room he'd mess with us," said Big Spring graduate, Bryson Kyker.

Former players say after a while, they would call Coach Campbell 'puddin' right back.

Before Campbell passed away, he was in the middle of several projects around his home.

"There's an enormous amount of mortar work that had to be done and Jim had started on that, so Sammye was just kind of left stuck out," said Rainey.

That's when guardian angels stepped in.

The high school principal told Mrs. Campbell to make a list of all projects that weren't finished yet.

"He said there is a pretty good group of angels who would like to know what they can do to help," said Sammye Campbell, wife of Jim Campbell.

Before she knew it, over 40 people made up of Big Spring High School coaches, former players and friends were surrounding the Campbell home with tools ready to work.

They tore down a barn, they are painting the outside of the house, and laying down concrete on top of projects inside the home.

"That shows how he's inspired people throughout his entire life and helped all of us players, even the coaches. It shows how much of a good man he was and how good his family is," said Kyker.

"He took so many hours out of the day, so for us to take some hours out of our little bitty day, it just shows how much we love and care for him," said graduate of Big Spring High School, Ty Sealy.

"This is Big Spring. This is this community. This is this group of people in Big Spring ISD, so it's a message of love and care," said Campbell.

What could be a months-long job turned into a few days work.

Although recent grads say they'll never be able to pay Mr. Campbell back for what he's done, his advice will stay with them forever.

"Always be positive about things. Don't ever tear yourself down and don't ever think you can't do it. Always keep yourself up and always have confidence in yourself. Always keep the faith cause that's all you need," said recent Big Spring graduate, Nick Sotelo.

As for the work on the outside of the home, we are told it could be all finished by Friday.