OSHA Investigating the Dollar General in Andrews

OSHA Investigating the Dollar General in Andrews

By: Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - OSHA is investigating the Dollar General in Andrews after an employee and customers made several complaints regarding the store not having any air conditioning.

Sara Tyler, and employee of the Dollar General in Andrews, said, "It's hot, it's really, really, hot. Out of all the units that are in the store only one works, so you just try to keep the customers in and out, so they don't realize that it's so hot, but they do."

Michael Crow, a customer of Dollar General said, "The employees are having to open the front doors just to get a little bit of circulation of air around the registers where they don't just get overwhelmed with heat."

NewsWest 9 contacted Dollar General's corporate office, they told us we could speak to customers outside, but they wouldn't allow us to bring cameras inside of the store. The corporate office did release a statement, saying, "We took immediate action to address and resolve minor air conditioning issues at our store in Andrews." However, corporate did not address some of the other issues that customers are claiming.

"It's got mice, and it's got cockroaches, the aisles are always cluttered, and if you're a disabled person like I am it's hard to get up and down the aisles if you are continuously having to move things out of the way to get down the aisle," said Crow.

"I just think if the temperature was colder at least something bearable, you know that people would work more, shop more and come in here. Our good customers wouldn't have to complain all the time, and I just want for everything to be normal like Dollar General's should be," said Tyler.

An employee made a call to OSHA and the U.S. Department of Labor hoping that they could begin an investigation regarding the issues. The Department of Labor did confirm that OSHA is investigating, but they couldn't release anymore information. They went on to say that OSHA takes all allegations of unsafe working conditions seriously.