Local Animal Rescue Struggles With Donations, Can't Take in Anymore Pets

Local Animal Rescue Struggles With Donations, Can't Take in Anymore Pets

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff is one of many animal rescues struggling with donations. It's been so bad lately, that now their vet has cut them off.

The rescue takes in animals like Slinky, a three-week-old kitten who can't move her back legs, and Roman, a dog who is now learning how to get around on three legs.

"We've been taking in several animals that have been high needs, which high needs means high vet bills," Charlene Beauchamp, the assistant director, said.

To get them to be as happy and energetic as Abby, who was hit by a car and put on the euthanasia list, they need extensive medical treatment. However, just last week we learned that the drop in oil prices have caused an increase in owners leaving their pets behind and a decrease in adoptions.

"You know our donations have plopped and plummeted just like all of the other rescues," Beauchamp said.

Some of the pets they take in have been hit by cars, have birth defects or other physical injuries, such as Liberty who couldn't lift up her head and had a dislocated jaw. Because of the high vet bills to give animals like Liberty a second chance, West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff cannot take in any more pets.

"The vet bill being as high as it is right now, we're shut down to intake which means if somebody called that had an injured dog, we can't take it," Beauchamp said.

The group is a nonprofit and relies on donations, just like how these pets rely on them for a second chance.

"She's happy, she's vibrant, she's playful and she's a very loving dog. She needed that chance," Beauchamp said.

If you would like to help out West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff, you can donate to A to Z Veterinary Clinic or contact them on their Facebook page.