UTPB Establishes New Ingenuity Center

UTPB Establishes New Ingenuity Center

By: Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - UTPB is establishing a new ingenuity center. The center will help gear students toward subjects including science, math, and even the arts. As a part of the new ingenuity center, the university plans to expand the current "stem" model, and it won't be known as the stem academy anymore.

Dr. David Watts, President of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, said, "We have added art to the list so therefore its now a "STEAM" focused project."

Chris Stanley, an Associate Professor of Art with the university, said, "It all started with art in my opinion, and when they made STEM, it was to try and solve a problem with children and the sciences and children and mathematics, but what they forgot is that inspiration has to come from somewhere."

The Ingenuity Center will prepare K-12 and college students for careers in math and science as well as the arts.

Dr. Juli Ratheal-Burnett, Associate Vice President of Research, said, "We want the teachers to be better prepared, we want students to be better prepared when they go into college or into the workforce. We want students at a very early age to start thinking about the steam fields of study."

Part of the initiative is also working with school districts in west Texas. They plan on adding more services and giving districts grant money so they can implement new programs geared towards science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

"We've been helping teachers at the teacher level, then we moved up to work with campuses, and now we're moving up to helping the districts," said Ratheal-Burnett.

UTPB will be sending out information on the Ingenuity Center to local districts. For more information you can contact the director at 432-552-3252.