Increase Rain Brings More Bee Swarms to West Texas

Increase Rain Brings More Bee Swarms to West Texas

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

Summer has arrived in the Basin and so have the bees. The recent rains have brought more bee swarms to West Texas. 

"With all of the rain and all of the moisture we have had it's helping the flowers grow and that in turn helps stimulate the bees," Tim Cleverdon, President of Bee Busters Inc, said.

Tim explained that more bees isn't the problem, instead it's more swarms. 

"Often times with storms and changing weather conditions that will often trigger a swarm so we are seeing a lot of swarms right now."

So what should you do if you get caught up in a bee swarm? Tim said don't swat at them and leave the area immediately. If you can, find a protective area like a car. 

"Even if you bring bees in with you eventually they will try to leave so when you leave the area roll down your windows and they'll vacate."     

Tim added that West Texas mainly sees Africanized and European Honey Bees. The best way to avoid a sting is to simply stay out of their path. 

"If a person walks into a bees territory the bee will actually bump them as a warning and if you turn around and go away that's fine but if you continue on that path sometimes that will trigger a defensive response."