Elderly Woman Selling Newspapers Robbed in Midland

Elderly Woman Selling Newspapers Robbed in Midland

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Every Sunday, people sell newspapers on corners throughout Midland, but this last Sunday, a well-known worker got robbed on the spot. The thief took her money bag and cell phone, but she's not letting that get her down. For nearly a decade, Miss Mae has been singing every Sunday on the corner of Big Spring and Golf Course Road while sporting her favorite sun hat and her dog in her lap, waving at every car that passes by. "I'll be riding around in my wheelchair and they'll honk and wave at me," Miss Mae said.

She says a few days ago had been her best Sunday in two years, selling all of her papers. However, just when she was about ready to head home, a strange car pulled up.

"I even said something to somebody, I got a bad feeling," she said.

Miss Mae says a woman got out of the car and left it running with the door open and approached her.

"She was acting like she was messing with the dog and she got behind my chair and she made me real nervous, 'oh your stuff is going to fall out.' I knew it wasn't going to, I got that stuff packed down there and my pouch was behind my back," Miss Mae said. "She grabbed it and ran and jumped in her car and took off."

Tashara Evans says she stopped by to see Miss Mae on her way back from church like she does every Sunday, but noticed she seemed distraught.

"She's really sweet and we look forward to seeing her every Sunday and so just to hear that something so unfortunate happened to her, we felt bad," Evans said.

"Yeah she was there and she let me use her phone, she stayed with me until officers came," Miss Mae said.

As for the woman who took off with Miss Mae's belongings, well Miss Mae is already forgiving her.

"Whoever you are, I'm praying for you. I've had my day too, you know," she said.

And she says there's no way this could stop her from coming back every Sunday.

"I'd miss my friends and I need that love and attention that I get," Miss Mae said.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic woman with reddish hair driving a small silver car. If you have any information on the crime, please call the Midland Police Department.