National Egg Shortage Causing Local Businesses to Raise Prices

National Egg Shortage Causing Local Businesses to Raise Prices

By Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The bird flu has affected millions of hens causing an egg shortage nationwide. The shortage has forced many food chains and mom and pop restaurants to make some changes by either increasing their prices or shortening their breakfast hours.

Whataburger has already told their customers that they are making temporary changes to their breakfast hours, limiting them from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning.

Local businesses are also feeling the hit, Dewey's breakfast shop in Odessa has recently been affected by the shortage.

Donna Kelp, owner of Dewey's Breakfast Shop, said, "I'd say 90% of our breakfast has eggs in it, you know breakfast platters, biscuit sandwiches, definitely breakfast burritos and even some of our lunch burritos people will add eggs to."

The Texas Department of Agriculture says that restaurants can expect the price of their eggs to go up if they haven't already.

Bryan Black, Spokesman for the Texas Department of Agriculture, said, "It's just supply and demand, we're going to have a smaller supply, but the demand will continue to increase, so you're going to see prices continue to rise."

Kelp says that she has seen a significant increase in the price of her eggs. "I really don't want to raise prices, but in order to operate, we will have to raise our prices eventually."

Officials are not sure how long the shortage will last but egg and poultry producers are working to get things back to normal.

"Here in the United States and in Texas we love eggs, so I know our farmers who produce eggs and our poultry producers are working hard to try and limit the losses and do everything they can to make sure we get on top of this outbreak so people can enjoy their eggs again," said Black.