Gardendale Family Seeks Guardian Angel Who Saved Daughter's Life

Gardendale Family Seeks Guardian Angel Who Saved Daughter's Life

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - A Gardendale family is on the lookout for their guardian angel. A stranger helped save their daughter's life. Now, they want to know who he is.

"I just wanted to find him and thank him. I know I could never repay him because he saved my baby girl's life," said Gardendale mother, Kathryn Kenney.

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, Brikayli Kenney was hurt in a rodeo accident. She suffered from internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen.

When Brikayli and her mom Kathryn arrived at the hospital, Brikayli collapsed while walking to the ER.

"I'm yelling at her, trying to talk to her and get her back up, and this man yells at me and says, 'Ma'am, do you need my help?' and I said, 'Yes, please!' and I don't know where he came from," said Kathryn.

Kathryn says the man wasn't sure if Brikayli was still breathing, or even alive. He pumped her chest a few times, then she started breathing again..

He then rushed her into the Emergency Room, put her on a hospital bed in the hallway, then disappeared.

"I just remember waking up in his arms wondering where my mom was," said Brikayli.

Brikayli had to be transferred to another hospital, and the man was right outside when she got into the ambulance.

"He asked me, 'Is she going to be OK?' and I said, 'Are you the one that helped her?' and he said, 'Yes I am.' I hugged him and I said, 'Thank you so much,' and the ambulance was fixing to leave so I had to hurry and jump in with her. I never saw him again," said Kathryn.

Brikayli had to have a blood transfusion. Now, thankfully, all is well in the Kenney household.

While the family knows they may never find this man who helped them, they just want to say thanks.

"Thank you for saving my life. I wouldn't be here if he wasn't there," said Brikayli.

So, Guardian Angel if you're watching,the family would just like to say thank you, and hopefully learn your name!

Kathryn says if you know who this man is, please let her know by messaging her at