Two Big Spring Animal Rescues Suspended From Taking In Animals From Shelter

Two Big Spring Animal Rescues Suspended From Taking In Animals From Shelter

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Relocation Rescue and Yellow Rose Rescue of Big Spring are at a standstill, as they have been suspended from taking in animals from the local shelter.

"We're on really good terms with the Animal Control office, or we think we are, and so we were really surprised actually when we found out this morning we weren't allowed to pull animals," Alison Herm with Relocation Rescue said.

On Monday morning, the two rescues were notified of the suspension, meaning that the 21 dogs and cats that are on Wednesday's euthanasia list wouldn't make it past 9 a.m. However, by Monday afternoon, the Big Spring Police Department told the rescued that the animals would no longer be put down and that all the rescues had to do was get updated on their paperwork.

"The issue being paperwork, which would be provided if they'd just ask for it," Tarah Billingsley with Relocation Rescue said. "And they hadn't until the last moment today which is why it wasn't there, but whatever they need is going to be handed to them."

While the groups are willing to do whatever they can to get back in the shelter, this sudden suspension came in the middle of another project, which is getting 1000 signatures from Big Spring residents on a petition that would benefit the animal shelter. From putting beds inside the kennels and making sure animals receive proper medical attention, to allowing rescue groups to go inside the shelter and volunteer.

Relocation Rescue tells NewsWest 9 that they have never been allowed to volunteer at the shelter such as cleaning kennels, walking dogs, and socializing the pets. Right now, they are only allowed to take pictures of adoptable pets and network for them.

"There are a lot of changes that need to come about and that's mainly what our petition is about because we are here for the welfare of the animals if nobody else is. We are here for the welfare of those animals," Stephanie Yeats said.

The Big Spring Police Department, which oversees the shelter, released a statement saying in part, "An open dialogue between the Police Department and rescue organizations is ongoing and all parties involved hope to have the issue resolved within a couple of days."

The statement also says, "The shelter is licensed by the State of Texas, which subjects the shelter to an audit at any time. It is imperative that our records are complete and accurate in regards to when the Police Department came into possession of the animal to the time it was adopted out either from the Police Department or the rescue organization."

If you would like to sign the petition that would make changes to the Big Spring Animal Shelter and allow a volunteer program, you can visit this link