Aspiring Nova Scotia Weatherman, Viral Sensation's Face Tattooed on Odessa Man's Leg

Aspiring Nova Scotia Weatherman, Viral Sensation's Face Tattooed on Odessa Man's Leg

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - If you haven't heard of Frankie MacDonald yet, get ready. He is an aspiring weatherman out of Canada that has a special connection to a man from Odessa.

That's because the Odessa man got a tattoo of Frankie's face on his leg.

It started with the two being members of the online site LiveLeak. They both post videos to that page.

One day, Ernesto Acosta was faced with a challenge to get a tattoo of the viral sensation Frankie MacDonald on his leg.

Without a moment's hesitation, he said, "Oh yeah. Done"

If you haven't heard of Frankie MacDonald, his motto is simple: Be prepared.

"During the wintertime when there's a big blizzard headed for anywhere in Canada or the United States, I want everybody to wear your winter boots, winter jackets, hats and gloves, scarves and ski pants. Order your pizzas and Chinese food. Buy cases of Pepsi. Buy cases of Coke. Do your grocery shopping. Don't wait 'till last minute. Do it right now," said MacDonald.

Frankie - who has autism - has over 12.5 million views on YouTube and over 50,000 subscribers. His viewers depend on his weather reports.

"When I was a little boy, I wanted to grow up to be a weatherman. Then I started doing YouTube videos. I like that because I don't want anybody to get hurt all over the world. Not even in the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom and Australia," said MacDonald.

Ernest is a big fan of Frankie's and the first in the world to get a tattoo of the aspiring weatherman.

"I've still got to add 'Be prepared' on it then I want to throw a tornado in the background with a little Pepsi Cola and Chinese food in the background in the twister," said Acosta.

"I saw a video of a guy getting a tattoo of my face on his left leg and I like that. He says he watches a lot of YouTube videos and my weather reports all the way down in Texas," said MacDonald.

Although they haven't met in person, Frankie sent a message to Ernest thanking him for the tattoo.

"We watch his videos and we're like, 'Oh man, Frankie's spot on!' I think anybody would fall in love with him if they just watch one video," said Acosta.

NewsWest 9 asked Frankie where his next weather report will be and he said, "Somewhere in Texas. There's a chance of severe thunderstorms in Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas on Friday night into Saturday," said MacDonald.

"Have your iPads charged, have your iPods charged, have your cell phones charged, have your Samsung Galaxy smart phones charged, have your laptops charged, have your smart phones charged and have your tablets charged. Make sure to have your 3G Internet, 4G Internet and LTE internet ready," he added.

So if you're experiencing severe weather in your area, chances are Frankie's got you covered.