Faulty Hydrants Replaced in Big Lake

Faulty Hydrants Replaced in Big Lake

Caitlin Williams

NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE - A total of seven fire hydrants have been replaced within the last two days. Mayor of Big Lake, Kyle Rockwell, says this is just part of updating the town.

"There is a lot of old infrastructure in the town. We're looking to bring it all up to date," he said.

The City of Big Lake noticed the hydrants were in need of repair since August. Firefighters did not have a source of water in specific areas to tap into until now. In December, Chevron gave a generous donation of $50,000 to the city for the hydrants.

"They were looking to help out the city in any way possible," Rockwell said. "They like to be apart of communities in which they work."

Local fire officials are relieved to see the outdated hydrants are getting a much needed upgrade.

"Pulling up to a fire, hooking it to a fire hydrant and realizing you don't have water is not the time for something to be wrong," said Big Lake firefighter, Mason Matthews. "Being able to pull up to a fire hydrant, tie in to it, hook into our pumper and have water right away and a good supply of it is essential."

The replacement of the hydrants goes right along with Big Lake's $5 million road paving project.

"We want to make sure that as we're growing and bringing in new development as well as the original development that's already here in town," Rockwell said.