Strange Man Photographing Kids at Park, Parents Warn Others

Strange Man Photographing Kids at Park, Parents Warn Others

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's an alarming sight to see--a strange person standing over children while taking pictures with their phone. That's what some Midland residents experienced earlier this week when kindergartners were trying to enjoy their end of the year trip at Haley Park.

"He was two feet away from all the kids. He was right in front of them, that's what really caught my eye," Mia Silich, a parent, said. "When you go on the field trip everybody wears the little badge and so he was obviously not part of the group."

When Silich spotted him, she walked over to confront him but says he took off in his dark grey Corvette before saying a word.

"It was scary. It was just really alarming how comfortable he was and just the fact that you know there's a ton of teachers here, there's a ton of parents here, and still, you know, are brave enough to go up to a group of kids right in front of us," Silich said.

Midland Police say situations like this don't happen often but encourage everyone to always be aware of their surroundings as well as have secret passwords with your kids, as bad guys can have various ways of getting close to children.

"They'll try to give them money, 'hey you want a dollar? Hey come with me, here's a dollar,' Sgt. Jimmy Young with Midland Crime Stoppers explained. "Or, 'hey you want to come pet my dog? Come pet my puppy. Will you watch my puppy for me?' And the little kid will get in the car."

Silich filed a police report after the man drove off. However, it's not technically illegal for someone to take pictures in a park because it is a public area.

"That's why they told me next time call 911, that way they can get there sooner and then they can question him and run him and stuff like that because no, it's not illegal, however it's inappropriate," Silich said.