"Charlie Charlie" Challenge Appearing in Local Schools

"Charlie Charlie" Challenge Appearing in Local Schools

By Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A new spooky challenge is spreading fast on social media.

It's no secret young teens are the most common to flock to things like the "The Cinnamon Challenge" or "The Kylie Jenner Lip challenge."

A new challenge, called the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" has parents here in the Basin concerned. It's a cross between "Bloody Mary" and "Ouija." Participants, many of them young teens, believe they are summoning a so called "Mexican demon" named Charlie. One local student, just 12 years old, told NewsWest 9 it's a well known game around school that many fellow students are taking part in.

"Eight of my friends have. They doing it in the restroom and in the classroom," said a local middle school student.

Even with just a few days of school left, teachers are keeping an eye out for this game and doing what they can to keep it out of the classroom.

"Our job is to educate students and keep them focused in the classroom and so anything that happens in a classroom that a teacher deems as distracting, he or she has the right to put an end to," Midland ISD Administrators told NewsWest 9.

One mother is frustrated that her young son came home scared after doing the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" with friends at school. Now, she's calling on other parents to help put a stop to the spooky game that has so many kids interested in it.

"Everybody has to come together, to speak with the school about what's going on," the boys mother said.

The trending challenge is even resulting in punishment for some students who are playing it at school.

"They gave some kids referrals for doing it. They called me into the office and I told them how I was all playing it and then they asked me how my friend taught me and I showed them how," the middle school student said.

He also has some advice to young teens thinking about playing the game.

"Don't play it."

School officials say parents or students who have concerns about the game being played on campus should talk school counselors.