Pest Control Company: Bed Bug Calls on the Rise in Midland

Pest Control Company: Bed Bug Calls on the Rise in Midland

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some creepy critters are being spotted a lot more under bed sheets in Midland. A pest control company says they're responding to more calls for bed bugs.

These creepy crawlers are the cause for a surge of calls to Boydstun Pest Control in Midland, including from a local restaurant and radio station.

"We have four bed bug jobs scheduled in the next seven days. That's a lot for something we haven't ever had a call on three to five years ago," said Nancy Witten, owner of Boydstun Pest Control.

So why the sudden spike of calls?

Experts say with a pickup in international travel nationwide and more people in the Basin from the boom, that make the existing problem worse.

These critters can be spotted anywhere, like movie theaters and restaurants.

"The grocery store, little kids go with them to school on their clothing and sit next to your child and they play together. They just get spread," said Witten.

Many have already planned summer travels. If you're staying in a hotel, experts say do not put your luggage on the bed. Use the luggage rack provided instead.

"I check the sheets to see if there are any little dark brown blood spots on them because that's an indication that there are bed bugs there that have fed. Then I check the welts on the mattress," explained Witten.

To get rid of these bad boys isn't cheap. It's a long, expensive process. Even the cleanest of places can get them.

The Infection Prevention Coordinator at Medical Center Hospital says bed bugs aren't known to spread any kind of disease but when people do get infections, it's caused by scratching the bites too much.

If you think you might have bed bugs at home, Boydstun says you can put the bugs in a plastic bag or sealed tight container and bring it over to them. That way, you can determine exactly what it is.

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