Seminole Economic Development Board Has Big Plans For The Town

Seminole Economic Development Board Has Big Plans For The Town

Caitlin Williams
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - A possible industrial and retail development in Seminole will let people shop a little closer to home.

The Seminole Economic Development Board has approved a 12-month extension for the development plan.

"It's all driven by the community, by the citizens that live here expressing what they would like to have" said Ron Rainey, the Executive Director of Seminole's Economic Development Board.

He is excited to introduce new developments to the town. Earlier this month, two agreements were signed between retail and industry corporations and the city that will help bring more business to Seminole.

"We're kind of two-pronged approach, we'll have industrial and retail," said Rainey.

Already under construction are Hibbet Sports, Bushes Chicken and Tractor Supply, but the plans don't stop there.

"Well we're looking at several types." Rainey says. "Everything from drugstores, shoe stores and primarily restaurants. Our community really wants to see more restaurants. We're thinking we'll be the hub of retail activity."

Instead of driving to Lubbock or Odessa for their needs, Rainey says citizens will soon be able to drive right down the street. A big factor in possible development is finding land to accommodate to the influx of business. Rainey says plans are underway to demolish old buildings which will possibly be bought by the city or development board.

"It's going to be out on Hobbs Highway, Lamesa Highway, toward Denver City and Seagraves. Each of the highways going in and out of town goes to some other community that will typically shop here," said Rainey.

Rainey says hopefully these changes will come within two to three years.