Mother Claims School Not Cooperating After Bully Breaks Son's Arm

Mother Claims School Not Cooperating After Bully Breaks Son's Arm

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - 11-year-old Johnathan is sporting a lime green cast with a ton of signatures from his friends, but how he got it wasn't so nice. The boy claims a classmate tripped and pushed him down in the hallways while going to lunch.

"I got up and I told the teacher," Johnathan said.

When the teacher saw the severity of the break, the 5th grader was taken to the nurse's office, his mom was called twice, and then finally an ambulance took him to the hospital.

"I wasn't happy. It was under the school district that they should have been watching my son as the situation happened," Christina Valdez, the boy's mother, said.

Johnathan was taken into surgery right away, but then it was time for his mom to find some answers. She says one teacher came forward and said she saw the video from the school security cameras, and Johnathan was clearly being tripped and pushed. However, when his mother requested that video, she claims that clip is now missing.

"She told everybody that it was a freak accident," Valdez said. "If you saw the video then why are you telling me this is a freak accident? You should have never told us you saw the video and then go and say there is no video."

The school district issued a statement saying, "Any time a student is injured, the Big Spring ISD administrators investigate the incident and the circumstances surrounding the incident. If or when it appears the injury was due to a violation of the student code of conduct, appropriate penalties are issued to the student or students involved. Regarding the recent injury of one of our elementary students, protocols have been followed, and the administration has remained in communication with the parents of the injured student."

However, the parents are painting a different picture.

"They just need to do something right. Let me know why they lied to me? Why have they're sitting there avoided me," Valdez said.

The parents also tell NewsWest 9 they are considering getting a lawyer to see if any legal action is necessary.