Deer-Vehicle Collision Causes Deadly Rollover in Winkler County

Deer-Vehicle Collision Causes Deadly Rollover in Winkler County

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - A 28-year-old mother is dead following a rollover accident Sunday night on State Highway 18, approximately four miles south of Kermit.

The driver, who was treated for his injuries at Winkler County Memorial Hospital and later released, hit a deer in the roadway and lost control of the vehicle, according to Texas Department of Public Safety officials.

Passenger Rosanna Marie Vizcarra, 28, was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night, Winkler County EMS officials told NewsWest 9.

Friends said her five children and 16-year-old sister were also in the car with the couple. At least two of them - including her sister and 8-year-old son - are currently in critical condition. DPS reports show only the driver and one passenger were wearing seatbelts.

"They were just so young and their lives had just started," said close friend Minnie Cabello.

Ramon Romero, who described Vizcarra as "closer than a sister," said doctors may have to amputate the 8-year-old's leg.

"All of this from a deer?" he said in disbelief. "I still can't imagine it's happening."

Deer-vehicle collisions are more common than drivers may think. They kill about 200 people each year in the United States and cause more than a billion dollars in property damage, according to a traffic injury prevention study.

"We're just all in shock," said another family friend, Rosalee Pena. "I still can't believe she's gone... We're fundraising [on Friday and Saturday] to help with medical bills and [funeral costs]."