Family Speaks Out Following Deadly Pecos Shooting

Family Speaks Out Following Deadly Pecos Shooting

By Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

PECOS - An ongoing dispute between neighbors in Pecos led to a homicide Thursday night. Joseph Martin Hernandez was shot and killed by his next door neighbor, Jose Minjarez.

Neighbors and family members tell NewsWest 9 that Minjarez and Hernandez had been feuding for quite some time, mainly over his animals coming onto Minijarez's property.

Hernandez's wife, Priscilla, says that it all began with an incident that happened a while back.

"He (Hernandez) led his horses and washed his vehicles, and he (Minjarez) told him to put them back, and my husband said "no" and ever since that, that's when they started having problems between them," said Priscilla.

Many neighbors told NewsWest 9 that Minjarez had a history of abusing animals when they would come onto his property.

"Killing dogs, or a dog who would just pass by his front yard, the street is not even his and he would kill the dogs," said Priscilla.

Priscilla was unable to disclose if animals were involved in the events that led up to the shooting, but she did say us that their 15-year-old daughter was there when her dad was shot.

"It's been very hard, especially for my daughter, because she was there when it happened and it's going to effect her, socially and emotionally. It's going to be very hard for her," said Priscilla.

What's even more difficult for the family to deal with is that Minjarez has already bailed out of jail.

"He's out, like you say he was charged for murder, how can you let a murderer out in the street?" said Priscilla.

The family says that this could have been prevented if Minjarez had been arrested for his alleged animal cruelty but now all they seek is justice.

"I just want everything to be fair, to be fair, that's all I ask. To have a fair trial and for justice to be done," said Priscilla.