Pecos Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

Pecos Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

By: Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

Reeves county - One man is dead after a shooting that happened in reeves county Thursday night. Officials tell us the victim was shot twice and the motive is still under investigation.

Jose Minjarez of Pecos was arrested Friday in connection with the murder of Joseph Martin Hernandez. Hernandez was shot twice and pronounced dead on the scene while his 15-year-old daughter was in the car.

Sheriff Arturo Granado, with the Reeve's County Sheriff's Office, said, "The first guy on the scene asked her if she'd contacted police, and she said she said i'm trying to but the man who shot my dad is inside that truck."

Granado says that Minarez inide of his truck just 100 feet away from where he shot Hernandez. Neighbors believe the altercation involved a prior incident involving pets.

"According to some people there at the Lyndsey Addition, that's what they've been telling us is that he's been killing animals," said Sheriff Granado.

Neighbor Sherman Blevins, said, "From what I understand, it was over dogs, like dogs going over property lines, and dogs tearing up his trash."

Officials say this was the first murder this year in Reeves county, the incident has left neighbors shocked.

"What possess somebody to, I mean just get out there and box all day long, but when it comes to taking somebodies life, I mean there's only one person that can do that," said Blevins.

Minjarez was charged with murder with a bail set to 100,000 dollars.