Critter Oasis Lacking Funding, Volunteers

Critter Oasis Lacking Funding, Volunteers

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - Critter Oasis in Monahans is full of happy dogs, new kittens, and a little bit of trouble. But sadly, it's lacking two things: funding and volunteers. "We won't need volunteers if we don't get donations because we won't be able to take in any animals," Donna Bowen, the founder of Critter Oasis, said.

Right now the rescue has 23 pets up for adoption, which is about half of the amount they used to be able to take care of. With just Bowen and her daughter running the place, any more animals would be just too overwhelming.

"I mean a lot of people say they'll come out and I'll wait for them on Saturday and they just don't show up," Bowen said.

The rescue takes in animals from shelters all across West Texas that are on euthanasia lists and gives them a second chance. Like Della, a 15-year-old poodle who had numerous health problems.

"When she came to us she had hardly no hair at all. She looked like an armadillo," Bowen said.

But Critter Oasis took her in and now she's happy, full of hair, and waiting for her new home. The rescue also specializes in pregnant animals or animals with a new litter.

All pets that come to the rescue are fully vetted and will be fixed before they are adopted. They say that's why their vet bill is currently more than $7,000. While they do not plan on closing down anytime soon, they currently can't accept any more animals.

"The sad fact is one person can't do it all--two people can't do it all--and we can't do it without funds," Bowen said. "We can take in dogs hand over fist, we've got plenty of ground to put them on, but if they're not vetted and taken care of then we're not doing our job."

If you would like to help Critter Oasis, you can call them at 432-943-0323 or email them at