'Selfie Bandit' Facing Jail Time for Car Burglary

'Selfie Bandit' Facing Jail Time for Car Burglary

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A "selfie" taken on a stolen iPhone has led Midland Police to a burglary suspect.

He allegedly broke into a car more than two months ago outside Club Arriba and made off with a purse containing money, credit cards and a cell phone.

Police had no leads to report until Monday, when the thief snapped a self portrait with the stolen iPhone.

"It was a good photo," said Sgt. Jimmy Young, laughing. "Criminals love to steal smart phones, but they're not always smarter than the phone."

The device was still linked to the rightful owner's iCloud account and automatically forwarded the selfie to her new phone. She promptly passed it on to authorities, who posted the photo on the Midland Police Department's official Facebook page.

Sgt. Young said dozens of people recognized the selfie bandit and tips "came flying in."

"We're excited to get a warrant for his arrest and put him in jail," he told NewsWest 9.

Burglary of a vehicle is generally a Class A misdemeanor in Texas. Convicts face up to one year in jail.

According to police, more than 70 percent of Midland burglaries involve unlocked vehicles. Sgt. Young said "making sure to lock up" is an easy way to avoid car thefts.

"Burglary is usually what we call a 'crime of opportunity'," he explained. "Don't give bad guys the opportunity to steal your stuff."