Caught on Camera: Thieves Rob Kent Kwik Armed With an Ax

Caught on Camera: Thieves Rob Kent Kwik Armed With an Ax

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Some criminals may want to bury the hatchet with their past, but other just want to use a hatchet to rob a gas station. Back in April, a group of not-so-well-behaved citizens walked into the Kent Kwik on Faudree Road and cornered the clerk with an ax. They then forced him into the bathroom so they could get their job done.

"We've got some excellent video. The video is very, very good. They're covered up to an extent; one of them you can see his hair hanging out the back of his collar and that sort of thing. The other one we have a really unique picture," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said.

One of the robbers must have lost his job as a plumber, as his jean shorts just couldn't stay up. At least we know he's not wanted for stealing any belts. Of course, he apparently didn't notice a breeze and his friends didn't bother to tell him his bum was going to be all over TV.

"This isn't just four people on the street that just came together and decided to do this robbery," Rogers said. "They know each other, they're working together to do this. We're hoping they run together and people will recognize them and realize that."

One thing is for sure, they seemed to have their routine down. One of the girl suspects goes over to the register, dabbles with some buttons, and steals some cash. Meanwhile the other girl is busy grabbing $900 worth of cigarettes, and our mooner is snatching up something else, all while the guy with curly blonde hair is patiently waiting to leave.

"These videos are so clear. Even though the faces are covered up, we really feel like somebody is going to recognize these people, especially since we do believe it's two males and two females hanging out together," Rogers said.

So if you and your friends are going to rob a Kent Kwik with an ax, it might make for a choppy alibi if it's caught on camera.

If you think you can crack this case, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward.