Aftermath of Crane Hail Storm Leaves Residents Seeking Home, Car Repairs

Aftermath of Crane Hail Storm Leaves Residents Seeking Home, Car Repairs

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

CRANE - If you drive through Crane right now, you'll spot car after car with dents. Some are missing windows.

Wednesday night's hail storm caused damage not only to vehicles but homes as well.

"I've never, ever seen hail of that size in person ever," said Crane resident, Mikey Maturin.

The majority watched in agony as their cars and their homes got pounded by Wednesday night's hail storm, even a turtle suffered hail damage.

"It pretty much got it all. It got the hood, it busted the windshield. There are dents on the top but it didn't bust the sun roof," said Maturin.

Some residents say the hail hasn't been this bad since the mid 1990's.

"This is probably the worst I've ever seen," said Sgt. Luis Navarette of the Crane Police Department.

Mother Nature makes no exceptions. Patrol cars at the Crane Police Department also suffered damage. Windshields got cracked and the entire back window is gone from one vehicle, leaving the affected cars out of service until they get fixed.

"Pretty much all of our patrol vehicles. Then our chief's truck had the windows broke out. [There were] mainly broken windshields and trying to get our cars back to operating," said Navarette.

Glass Doctor of Odessa says calls have been flooding in seeking repairs. The company is working extended hours to fix what's broken before the next storm hits.

"A lot of people can't drive out here because their glass is so torn apart or broken that they can't even see if they drive up here, so that's why we have our mobile guys going out there to fix them," said Dorothy Galindo, Insurance Specialist at Glass Doctor.