Andrews Car Dealership Offering Free Guns For Vehicle Purchases

Andrews Car Dealership Offering Free Guns For Vehicle Purchases

By Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Benny Boyd Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep in Andrews is using a unique marketing technique that's allowing West Texans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, the right to bear arms.

The car dealership is giving away free guns with the purchase of a new vehicle. The deal is a part of a new promotion to get more car buyers through their doors.

Strate Colbath, General Manager for Benny Boyd in Andrews, said, "For every new Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep sold here in Andrews, we're going to give customers a choice of an AR-15, Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun or American Ruger 243 deer rifle."

But Benny Boyd in Andrews doesn't just hand you the gun, they give customers a $500 gift card for Gebo's in Andrews. Also, car buyers still have to go through the proper steps to get their firearm. 

David Corley, Manager of Gebo's, said, "They are responsible for paying their own tax plus they have to pass the background check."

The promotion has gotten a lot of national attention and lots of shares on social media.

"We've had a great response, you know "Only in Texas" those kind of things and it's nice to live in Texas and see the response like that the people do want to celebrate their 2nd Amendment right," said Colbath.

Kevin Wilson, an Andrews resident, said, "I probably would by one because I am a rifle man, gun man,"

But not everyone agrees with the promotion.

Esmerelda Brisceno, another Andrews resident, said, "I'm not too crazy about guns, but of course, nowadays, you know I guess it's all right. You know who ever can use them, they can and just to be careful."

If you're not the gun type, the promotion doesn't limit customers to buying only guns but the gift card is exclusive to Gebo's.

"If you don't want a gun, you want a hat, you want a shirt, you want some boots, you want clothes, you can still use it there. You want feed for your cattle you can still use it there. It's a $500 gift certificate," said Colbath.