McCamey Residents to Vote Saturday on $26.5 Million School Bond

McCamey Residents to Vote Saturday on $26.5 Million School Bond

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MCCAMEY - McCamey voters have a big decision to make on Saturday. They'll vote on a $26.5 million school bond.

McCamey ISD also had a bond election back in 2009, worth $15 million for school renovations.

The proposed bond by McCamey ISD has quite a few plans in the works.

If approved, the $26.5 million dollar bond will build a new middle school next to the old cafeteria, renovate the existing one, replace the field house - adding in women's locker rooms and weight rooms, replace toilet facilities at the stadium and the track and add new science labs.

"We're gonna try to get new buses, new vehicles to the school district. We're also gonna add eight more classrooms to the existing primary," said Vice President of the McCamey ISD School Board, Oscar Sanchez.

Some good news, officials say, if the bond is approved, McCamey ISD will save over $19 million in funds that would otherwise be paid to the state or other districts.

"We sent about 68 cents to the dollar back to the government, so we're left with 30 something cents per dollar to function with our schools. So, with this bond, we get to keep most of it. The recaptured money stays here," Sanchez said.

Some residents are hoping the bond passes.

"I went to school here myself. I went to that middle school as well and it would be awesome to remodel it, renew it and have something different and better for our kids," said a McCamey parent who wished to remain anonymous.

Others believe taxpayer money should be used elsewhere.

"That's a lot of money. Like I said, I think they need to focus on getting better principals and teachers in there first before they need to focus on the schools, rebuilding them," said Courtni Chennault, who has children attending McCamey ISD.

Rankin will also have a school bond election Saturday for $28.5 million. According to the proposal on the district's website, it's to "...acquire, construct and equip school facilities in the district...and purchase necessary sites for the school buildings and to purchase buses."

We will be following these two races on Saturday and bring you all the up-to-the-minute results.