Hobbs Woman Rescued from Floodwaters by Seagraves Firefighter

Hobbs Woman Rescued from Floodwaters by Seagraves Firefighter

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

SEAGRAVES - Cecilia Rojo says she and her family were driving back from Lubbock to their home in Hobbs, NM on Monday when suddenly it started to hail. The rain got so heavy that it became hard to see the road, and traffic came to a stop in Seagraves. "As we continued to stay there, the water just started rising. It was probably halfway into our tires," Rojo said.

After about an hour, the water was up to the doors. By the time it was dark, a Seagraves fireman came to the family and told them the only way out was to find a high point, and her car was already underwater.

"Not knowing how far it was going to go, how high it was going to rise, and it was really scary," Rojo said.

She says the fireman stayed with her family through the whole process, taking off his jacket to keep them warm, and making sure the infant and three-year-old that were with her stayed safe.

"You know, even though people say he's doing his job, but you know it's a very important job for him," Rojo said.

On Tuesday, the cleanup process began. Several roads were blocked off, people were moving furniture out of flooded homes, and even though part of Highway 385 was closed, Rojo was able to get her car back.

"It is scary. You're never prepared for mother nature, you're never prepared," Rojo said.

As for the firefighter, she only knows him as Ryan, but says she can't thank him enough.