Fort Stockton Dealing With the Storm Aftermath

Fort Stockton Dealing With the Storm Aftermath

By Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON -  Fort Stockton was hit hard by a severe storm on Monday night. Residents saw large sized hail, and some major flooding. Now the city is dealing with the aftermath.

The storm drainage that comes from downtown Ft. Stockton was filled with flood waters after Monday's storm that hit the city. The Director of Public Works, Aaron Ramos, says the storm quickly changed direction.

"They (Storm Trackers) were saying that the storm was moving to the east and then all of a sudden it went to the southeast. Those super cell storms actually do make a right turn. We knew when we saw it, we were going to get hit with hail," said Ramos.

Officials say the hail was the size of a golf ball and the flood water was nearly three feet high in some areas. The flooding was strong enough to carry a 100 pound dumpster feet away into a ditch.

After the flood watch was issued, officials began taking safety measures.

"We try to keep the public away from those dangerous areas, so we call police and firemen up and they'll block a street with cones or barricades," said Ramos.

The storm didn't cause significant damage but officials say there were some broken windshields from the hail and some roof damage. 

Now, the city of Fort Stockton is dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

"We try to catch up, I know potholes are going to coming back," said Ramos.

Raul Rodriguez, City Manager for Fort Stockton, said, "We are left behind with all the debris, the dirt and leaves and branches things like that. The majority of the work that we have is clean up. Get our crews out there, our employees and start cleaning up the streets."

If you have any debris near you, you can call Fort Stockton City Hall at 432-336-8525.