Odessans Claim They Were Scammed By Fencing Company

Odessans Claim They Were Scammed By Fencing Company

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA: Some Odessans are frustrated after they claim they were scammed by a so called fencing company. Locals are out thousands of dollars but the company claimed they did nothing wrong.

"They did not comply, they have not finished any of the fence besides the few post that are out here and I haven't gotten my money back," a victim, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

The victim said all she wanted is a refund. She told NewsWest 9 it all started back in February when she posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone who could build a metal fence on her land. That's when she was contacted by Phoenix Services.

"I hired Phoenix Services. The owners are Chris and Telena Butler."

The Butler's allegedly told her they could do the job. All they needed was half of the money up front.

"I wrote them a cashiers check on February 9 for $5,000," the victim claimed.

But when she tried to follow up just days later, she couldn't get a hold of them.

"I contacted them numerous times. They changed their phone numbers, their facebook pages and when I did finally get a hold of them they wouldn't come out to work and they still haven't returned my money. It's been four months."

It turns out she wasn't the only victim. Allegedly, these scammers have been making their way around town.

"I'd like to put them both in jail because they're both liars and they're both con artists," said Clyde Hinton, another victim.

Hinton had a very similar story. He claimed he also found out about Phoenix Services on Facebook. The crew came out and put in some poles but then Chris Butler was impossible to get a hold of.  Now, Clyde is out over $28,000.

"It took me like two weeks to finally run Chris down. I finally found out where he lives. So I left a note on his Escalade, he drives an Escalade," said Clyde.

So NewsWest 9 tracked down Chris Butler, the alleged owner of Phoenix Services. In a phone interview, he said the allegations simply aren't true.

"It was not a scam at all. I was doing a job for them and we're a company and they decided to stop the jobs. Nothing, I can do about it," said Butler.

In fact, he claimed he'll pay everyone back.

"Yes, I am going to pay them back their money as best as I can. I have already talked to them."

However, Clyde said that's not true. "He said he would pay me what he could, when he could but I haven't seen or talked to him and he won't answer his phone."

As for the other victim, she's taking legal action.

"I filed a civil suit for the amount that they owe me."