Prosecution Rests Case in Terlingua Murder Trial, Defendant Tony Flint to Testify Tuesday

Prosecution Rests Case in Terlingua Murder Trial, Defendant Tony Flint to Testify Tuesday

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

SIERRA BLANCA - The prosecution has rested its case in the murder trial of former Terlingua river guide Tony Flint.

Flint, 38, is accused of beating La Kiva Bar & Restaurant owner Glenn Felts to death last February. He is expected to testify on Tuesday morning, according to defense attorneys.

Final witnesses called to the stand by prosecutors included a Lubbock County medical examiner who presented autopsy information illustrating the extent of Felts' injuries. Approximately 30 photos of the victim's body were admitted into evidence.

The February 2014 beating left Felts with two deadly blows to the head that fractured his skull in multiple places, according to medical officials. All 12 ribs on his left side were fractured, along with half the ribs on his right side. Continued trauma, allegedly a result of "stomping," pushed broken ribs into internal organs and tore his pancreas and diaphragm. The official cause of death was listed as "cranialcerebral trauma."

Following testimony from the medical examiner, defense attorney Justin Low filed a motion for acquittal, based on "[prosecution's] failure to prove intent]." Judge Roy Ferguson denied the request to throw out Flint's first-degree murder charge.

"It's all been really tough," said the defendant's uncle, Randy Flint, who drove from Missouri to "support [his] wonderful nephew" during trial proceedings.

He arrived Monday in Sierra Blanca and told NewsWest 9, "I would be here for Tony through anything. He's just that type of person... Everywhere he goes, he makes friends."

Randy Flint declined to discuss details of the case with media, but said he was looking forward to seeing his nephew take the stand to share his account of what happened with the court.

"Tony's always honest," he said. "He'll tell [jurors] everything."