SUV Crashes Into Big Spring House, Driver Allegedly Beaten Behind Wheel

SUV Crashes Into Big Spring House, Driver Allegedly Beaten Behind Wheel

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Michael Robinson and his wife, Deborah, were enjoying a quiet Friday afternoon at their Anna Street home when a Chevy TrailBlazer SUV crashed through the front door and into their living room.

The couple had been sitting on the porch minutes earlier and said they "narrowly escaped" serious injuries.

"[The driver of the SUV] hit me sitting in my chair [in the living room]," Michael told NewsWest 9. "I have a photograph of her bumper against the arm of my chair."

He estimated the front of the vehicle stopped about 10 feet from the front door. Had it come to rest a few inches farther into their house, he said, they "could have been killed on the spot."

"It was so deep into the house, it actually blocked the back door [as well]," said Michael. "When the ambulance came, they had to take me out of a window because there was no other way out."

Photos of the immediate aftermath show the steel-core front door knocked off its hinges; a hole in the living room wall opening into an adjacent bedroom; furniture and electronics damaged beyond repair; and remnants of the Chevy TrailBlazer strewn across the front yard.

"There's the side view mirror, bits of metal and glass everywhere, the license plate holder and the entire front grille [outside the house]," said Deborah.

NewsWest 9 was unable to reach the woman reportedly driving the vehicle and will not release her name in this report.

According to the Robinsons, a man in her passenger seat was physically assaulting her prior to the wreck.

"I think that's why she crashed, but she was definitely speeding," said Michael. "She was going at least 50 miles per hour."

Video footage of the accident, captured by surveillance cameras across the street, does not clearly show what happened behind the wheel.

"As soon as the car stopped and someone got the back hatch open, [the male passenger] took off running," Michael told NewsWest 9. "Come to find out, he's related to a particular family here in town that's known for their gang affiliation. Their name is spray painted on all the dumpsters in this neighborhood."

He said Big Spring Police questioned the driver and asked for information about her passenger. She reportedly attributed her "loss of control" behind the wheel to assault.

As of Sunday evening, police have not returned calls and emails from NewsWest 9 regarding the Anna Street wreck. Officials have not confirmed what type of investigation is being conducted and whether or not anyone involved in the accident is being charged with a crime.