Deadly Car-Pedestrian Crashes in the Basin

Deadly Car-Pedestrian Crashes in the Basin

By Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9 

In the month of April alone, two pedestrians were hit and killed by vehicles in Ector County.

"We all have a responsibility, motorist and pedestrians and we all have to work together to solve this problem," said Gene Powell with the Texas Department of Transportation.

TXDOT says in 2015 there has already been more than 20 crashes involving pedestrians. Last year, 22 people were killed after being hit by a vehicle.

"What we're seeing pedestrians do; they're not crossing at intersections, they're crossing at unlit places, they're walking on the road instead of the sidewalk and those are all the things you need to avoid," said Powell.

Drivers have a responsibility as well. One moment of distraction can have a deadly result.

"You need to be on the alert for people walking and you need to do the same thing when it comes to cell phones. Put the cell phone down. Don't be distracted. Don't yell at the kids in the back seat. Don't play with the radio," said Powell.

Just a few weeks ago, a man walking along the road was hit and killed by a vehicle. Not long before that, a 12-year-old boy ran out into the road and was also hit and killed. Officials say those deadly crashes happen too often.

"There's plenty for pedestrians and motorists to do to prevent these types of tragedies," said Powell.

With summer right around the corner, there's a higher risk of car pedestrian crashes involving children.

"Kids are excited. It's a pretty day, they want to run and play. They'll come out behind parked cars; they won't use crosswalks," said Powell.

"I do believe it's your responsibility as a parent to teach your kids to look both ways before they cross the street or even to run near a street," said Cortni Sanders, a local mother.

In the end, it comes down to both drivers and pedestrians being alert.

"These things they seem so simple but it really is a matter of life and death," said Powell.