Mother Stages Protest Outside of Latter Rain

Mother Stages Protest Outside of Latter Rain

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - A small group of protesters were outside of Latter Rain Christian School on Thursday afternoon chanting, "no kids left behind," and "Marcus deserves better." Marcus is the son of a woman who says he can't get into college because Latter Rain is unaccredited. "They told me they'll get it to me whenever they're ready and I do whatever I have to do to get it," Amy Hernandez, Marcus' mother, said.

That's why she staged the protest. She claims she has been trying to get her son's official transcript since the beginning of the school year. Instead, she says she was given a glorified report card. During the protest, school faculty walked out and handed her his transcript, which she says is something she shouldn't have to beg for.

However, now that she has the transcript, there's another problem. Latter Rain is not an accredited school, so her son cannot go to any of the three colleges that he has offers to play basketball for.

"I was up under the impression when I put him here that it was an accredited school because if he wasn't, I never would have enrolled him here," Hernandez said.

According to the school's website, they admit to not being accredited. They say that graduates have been able to go to colleges based on SAT scores.

However, Hernandez isn't the only parent allegedly getting the transcript runaround. Nicole Fox is having her son get his GED because they can no longer pay the tuition at Latter Rain and if he transferred to Odessa High School or Permian High School, he would have to go back to the 10th grade.

"It's a lot of kids that go here and they get out and they try to go to college and they can't even go to college," Fox said. "And they paid all this money for all this, for what?"

While they may not be protesting outside of Latter Rain anymore, they still are doing whatever they can to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"You got to go to drastic measures if you love your kids, and my son is worth fighting for," Hernandez said.

NewsWest 9 reached out to Latter Rain for a comment. We were told they would pass along our number to administration. We have not heard back.