The Family of the Man Killed in Zodiac Club Shooting Speaks Out

The Family of the Man Killed in Zodiac Club Shooting Speaks Out

By: Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An accused murderer on the run since December has been caught. Kourtney Powell was one of the most wanted fugitives of 2014. The family of the man he's accused of killing is speaking out to NewsWest 9 about Powell's arrest.

Strauss McCreary, Uncle of Lester Starling, said, "Lester really didn't want to go out that night, it was bad enough that he went out, but another that he went out and walked right into a bullet.

"Kourtney Powell was well known in their neighborhood of Odessa. The family tells us that Kourtney Powell and Lester Starling were actually distant relatives.

"Kourtney wasn't just known, him and one of the young men that this happened with were cousins, they're cousins, because another is a Powell as well and for this kind of tragedy to come about, it tears up a family," said McCreary.

Lester's uncle Strauss McCreary says that the most important thing that came from Powell's arrest is closure.

"Now nobody else is scared because we got other family members thinking that he might retaliate and come after them, and now all that's been cleared up with him being arrested," said McCreary.

Lester's mother Sherry Shorter, his wife Anitra, and his sisters did not want to comment on camera, but they all posted numerous Facebook pictures and statuses in remembrance of Lester.

"It's a big relief, I believe sherry can sleep now. With any mother, with her son being killed tragically, and so suddenly, it's been many sleepless nights, so I believe she can have some rest now, because of closure," said McCreary.

Two others were shot that night at Billy Zodiac Club but walked away with injuries. In the case of Lester Starling, Powell has been charged with first degree murder.