Sister of Accused Killer Speaks Out, Terlingua Murder Trial Continues

Sister of Accused Killer Speaks Out, Terlingua Murder Trial Continues

By Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

SIERRA BLANCA - Witness testimony continued Wednesday in the murder trial of Tony Flint, a former river guide accused of beating Terlingua bar owner Glenn Felts to death last February.

Flint's older sister, Tiara Slack, spoke exclusively with NewsWest 9 about the "difficult" ordeal.

"We're here to support Tony," she said. "He's a wonderful guy [and] he's got a lot of love and support back home."

Slack had flown in from their hometown of Springfield, Missouri to sit through trial proceedings. She said she was "shocked" when she heard Flint had been charged with first-degree murder and could face life behind bars.

"I just want everyone to know that Tony is a good guy," said Slack. "He's a very good brother... a good friend... a good son... and he has helped a lot of people in his life."

According to his sister, those sentiments are shared by "many people" outside of their family; a Tony Flint Support Group Facebook page currently has more than 1,000 likes.

Flint's attorneys claim he beat Felts in self defense. They are "confident" the trial will conclude - with a favorable result for their client - before next Tuesday, a week from the first day of witness testimony.

As of Wednesday evening, prosecutors have called approximately half the people on their list of 30 subpoenaed witnesses. Testimony has focused primarily on crime scene evidence that links Flint to the deadly beating, and "drag marks" on the ground that suggest Felts was alive for a portion of the attack and "engaged in a life or death struggle."

"Our family wishes to express our condolences to Glenn's family," said Slack. "I can't imagine what they're going through. I feel bad for them."

Flint will take the stand later this week or early next week, his attorneys confirmed.

"He is the one and only eyewitness in this case," defense attorney Justin Low told the court. "You will hear the story from the only person who really knows what happened."