Oncor Prepares to Build New Transmission Line to Improve Power

Oncor Prepares to Build New Transmission Line to Improve Power
(Source: KWES)

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - As part of a $1.4 billion infrastructure project, Oncor will soon be on the streets making repairs. Due to the influx of people, the company is starting multiple projects to provide better power to residents. One of which will be a bigger transmission line.

"We're making a larger wire which is going to allow more power to flow," said Sue Mercer, Customer Operations Manger with Oncor.

The 10.4 mile long line will run from West Midland to East Midland. Crews are expected to be on the streets starting this fall.

"This should not cause any stop in the flow of power. This additional capacity is going to help the reliability," Mercer said.

The new larger transmission line will replace what's called "H frames" with a single 90 foot pole.

Midlanders in more residential areas can expect roads to be temporarily closed, trees to be cleared and some fences will even have to be brought down.

"There might be alleys that are blocked while we have workers and all of the different kinds of trucks. Two, letters have already gone out to the customers along the route," said Mercer.

In the future if power does go out in your neighborhood, the new transmission line will help. It will re-route electricity another way.

"The area is growing and we need more power out here," said Mercer.

The project is expected to be done in Spring of 2016.