Military Operation "Jade Helm 15" Coming to Martin County

Military Operation "Jade Helm 15" Coming to Martin County

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

Just a few weeks ago west Texans learned that military operation, Jade Helm 15 was coming to Big Spring. Now, officials say, it's on its way to Martin County.

That's causing concern throughout town, so county officials held a public meeting, but west Texans still have mixed feelings about strong military presence in their city.

As directed by Governor Greg Abbott, officials in Martin County are informing that Jade Helm 15 is apparently nothing more than military training.

Don Meeks, a concerned resident of west Texas, said, "Everybody's on edge, everybody has a lot of questions, I think the military could do a little better job of explaining what their intentions are."

Randy Ervin, a resident of Stanton, said, "You know, the only thing we're going to be able to see is occasionally see a hummer or something like that but that's the way it's always been. I don't think that they chose to come here, I think they've always been here."

Martin County Judge Bryan Cox and the commissioners' court held a meeting early Tuesday morning to hear the communities concerns regarding the Special Ops operation.

They say the public is mostly concerned about, the military trespassing on private property and the use of live ammunition.

"From everything that we've been told, they'll be shooting blanks, there's not going to really be any live ammunition out there that would be of danger to the public, because it is just a training exercise," said Judge Cox.

Officials say that Operation Jade Helm 15 will be active from mid-June or July to September, but the public shouldn't worry about the operation interfering with their daily lives.

"As far as where they are going to have their camps, they'll have two camps from what they explained to us. They will be coming into town to buy diesel fuel and stuff like that, but basically it will be out in the rural areas of the county," said Judge Cox.

Some residents say that the operation is no big deal, but others say that citizens should still beware.

"Cool it, you know, there's nothing to be concerned about, that's the way I think," said Ervin.

"Support your military, be aware of what they are doing, pay attention, and hope for the best," said Meeks.