Halliburton Releases Statement on Missing Explosives

Halliburton Releases Statement on Missing Explosives

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Halliburton is commenting on the explosives that went missing yesterday.

In a statement to NewsWest 9 they said:

"Halliburton is currently conducting a thorough search of the company's Odessa, Texas, equipment yard and the surrounding area for one oilfield igniter which was discovered missing on Wednesday, April 22. The company immediately notified the Odessa Sheriff's Department and the ATF within the 24-hour period of discovery given in federal guidelines, and is working to assist in the investigation.

An oilfield igniter is used in wire line and perforating operations at oil and gas well sites. It is classified as an explosive device but is a tool that provides a small charge equivalent to a large firecracker and uses a special electrical system that needs to be hooked up properly to function."

Thursday morning a report of missing explosives was made to Odessa Police.

The explosives were supposed to be transported from a Halliburton yard in Ector County to a location in Reeves County.

It is still unknown if the explosives were misplaced or stolen from Halliburton.

The explosives are described as oilfield igniters that are approximately 2" in length and a 0.5" in diameter. There is no printing on them to indicate that they are hazardous.

The Odessa Police Department would like to warn the public that if you come across the explosives to use caution and immediately make a report with police.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Odessa Crimestoppers at (432) 333-TIPS or Odessa Police at (432) 333-3641.