Hundreds of Bikers Gather To Remember Fallen Brother

Hundreds of Bikers Gather To Remember Fallen Brother

By Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

KERMIT - Hundreds of bikers lined up Thursday morning in Odessa to lead the procession of Refugio Yanez who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident on Saturday.

Over 200 friends, family members and brothers came together to remember Yanez who was better known as "Jr." to show their love and support, but also to bring more awareness to biker safety.

The coordinator of the memorial service, and childhood friend, Ali Rodriguez, said, "I had some of the presidents from the bike clubs contact me and say well this is how many there is going to be. It started with just a small 75 guys, turned to 100 and now it's close to 225 bikers that are here today."

The procession started in Odessa and ended in Kermit with bikers from all over Texas and New Mexico paying their respects to Jr. Yanez.

Aaron Aranda, cousin of Jr., said, "Anytime I see any type of incident involving a motorcycle, I always have to read more into it, because I'm always worried about Jr. He always lived that fast life, your passion is going to put you above us or below us and sadly this time that's what it did."

Jr. was a part of the Black Saints Club and was going to be the president of the Permian Basin Chapter. Club members and close friends say that Jr. was all about two wheels.

"He was probably one of my best friends, like a brother to me, but he was like that with everybody here. No matter what time you called him, no matter what you needed, he was there through thick and thin. He was there for everybody," said Ryan Herrera.

Friends say that times like this bring people together but it also brings awareness to the dangers bikers face on the roads each day.

"Regardless of what club you're in, what bike you ride, who you talk to, who you don't talk to, what patches are on your back. At the end of the day, it's just one big family," said Robert Lopez, close friend of Jr.

Israel Villegas said, "When we have a fallen brother fall, we all come together as one, colors or no colors. We're here to represent, it's just what we always do."

Because of the increased number of biker related fatalities, a group of bikers hope to go to the Odessa City Council to ask them to invest in more money to post signs like "look twice for motorcycles" for increased biker safety.