Habitat for Humanity Forced to Build 'Simpler Homes' Nationwide, Still Building 3-Bedroom Houses in Midland

Habitat for Humanity Forced to Build 'Simpler Homes' Nationwide, Still Building 3-Bedroom Houses in Midland

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Local housing costs have fallen with oil prices, but they're still too high for one non-profit trying to do good in the community.

Midland Habitat for Humanity is brainstorming new strategies to continue building affordable homes for those in need, according to executive director Alynda Best.

Habitat groups based in other cities facing pricey real estate have resorted to building smaller houses, often with fewer rooms.

"We've been thinking about [building smaller houses, too]," said Best. "We could [also] not put any brick on [to cut costs]. Right now, we build them with two bathrooms. We could go to one bathroom. We're just waiting to see how things fall and maybe we won't have to do that."

Austin Habitat for Humanity recently moved away from single-home construction, a director told KXAN. They're currently developing a site that will "do more with less" by fitting 26 homes on one plot of land, and plan to move toward condo units in the future.

However, Habitat leaders in Midland have no plans to change their standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom model at the moment.

"We work hard to cut costs in other ways so it's still possible to put families in quality homes," Best told NewsWest 9.

She said searching for cheaper land is "one good solution right now."

Midland Habitat for Humanity's latest development is located on Cloverdale Road, across the street from Bunche Elementary School.

"We end up looking in places where most people wouldn't even consider looking," said Best. "And that's where we do neighborhood revitalization."

Volunteer opportunities are available in the areas of construction, church relations, family selection, home sponsorship, "Tool Box Bash" fundraiser planning and ReSTORE operations. A "Volunteer Interest Form" can be filled out and submitted at the following website: http://www.habitatmidland.org/#!volunteer/c1f2i